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good quality childcare, great value for money 
before and after school, at half terms and in the holidays

Who can attend?

During the holidays and half term, we welcome anyone aged 4-14, not just Poppy Road pupils.

During term time, we mostly cater for Poppy Road pupils, as we do not currently offer a school pick-up/drop off service.

What ages?

Anyone aged 4-14 years. We have a wide range of activities suitable  for this age range. Indoor play, outdoor play, free play, day trips, electronics, workshops.

Special Needs?

Yes!  We have several members of staff who are qualified to care for children with special needs, on a one to one basis if necessary.  Please call to discuss your requirements.

"My daughter loves the activity options available to her and interacts with the staff confidently.  They are approachable and friendly with everyone."

- parent (2017)



Holiday Openings 2019-2020

Autumn 1-Tues 3rd Sep- Fri 25th Oct

Autumn 2- Mon 4th Nov- Fri 20th Dec

Spring 1- Tues 7th Jan- Fri 14th Feb

Spring 2- Mon 24th Feb- Fri 3rd April

Summer 1- Mon 20th Apr- Fri 22nd May

Summer 2- Mon 1st June- Fri 17th July

Club is open for all Inset Days

Inset Days

Monday 2nd September 2019

Mon 6th January 2020

Mon 23rd March 2020

Mon 22nd June 2020

Mon 20th July 2020

Bank Holiday Fri 8th May 2020

Holiday Opening 


Autumn 1 Tues 8th Sep- Fri 23rd Oct

Autumn 2- Mon 2nd Nov- Fri 18th Dec

Spring 1- Tues 5th Jan- Fri 12th Feb

Spring 2- Mon 22nd Feb- Fri 26th March

Summer 1- Mon 12th Apr- Fri 28th May

Summer 2- Mon 7th June- Fri 23rd July

Inset Days

Mon 7th September 2020
Mon 4th January 2021

Fri 30th April 2021

Mon 21st June 2021

Mon 26th June 2021

Fundraising Events

OOSC run the café at the school fairs, as well as our own stalls to help raise income for club.

We seek a new Fundraising Leader, if you fancy the challenge we'd love to hear from you








1st June 2020

Poppleton Road Out of School Club will reopen from Mon 1st June 2020. Please note that the club will be operating under strict guidance and with a limited capacity.

September 2020 

Click to view the most recent letter to parents and the Operational Return Risk Assessment

October Half Term

The club will be open Mon-Thurs during October half-term from 8.00am to 5.00pm. 


Call Us:
01904 340999
The Annexe, Poppleton Road School,
Poppleton Road, York, YO26 4UP
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